Not only would I like to offer my book, "I Just Wanted to Fly." Please review each option and select the one that allows me to provide you with my story, my insights and my music.



Full Digital Access Privileges:  Unavailable at this time. Please see below for other ordering possibilities.

This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy reading my entire book on line with its historically significant color photography of many of the people, places and documents that help tell the story. There is also an audiobook where you will be able to hear me tell my story from start to finish of a dream which started at the age of 5 as if we were sitting side by side.  It gives you a chance to experience the emotions and better visualize the many events that make up this amazing journey.  It describes a life of many challenges, near death events and victories included in fulfilling my dream.  It is a dream I lived from the age of 5 until I realized it in the cockpit of one of American Airlines’ big jets. (The audiobook chapters are downloadable)

You will be able to hear and download the meditation music I composed, edited, performed, and recorded. I call them the Soft Songs of Angel Whispers.

In addition I share my monthly blogs on the website.

It’s all here and it’s all for you.

If all of this sounds good to you, and if you act quickly, you can take advantage of a limited time special offer.  You can open and own permanent access to this amazing website valued at almost $60 for the discounted price of only $44.99.


I hope you will decide join me on this next phase of my life’s journey. Welcome Aboard!

Full Digital Access Privileges

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Please see below for other ordering possibilities

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Books are printed on demand. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of your treasure, your keepsake.

    Soft Songs

    9 tracks of meditative music

    Composed and performed

    by Jim Tilmon

    Soft Songs is available for download

    at and is also available

    on Amazon Music, Amazon Music UK, iTunes and many other download sites.

    © 2017 I Just Wanted to Fly

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